Mother fears someone will be killed as cars keep crashing into her garden

A MOTHER fears someone will be killed if steps are not taken to address a dangerous road outside her home near Malmesbury.

There have been nine crashes in the 12 years Sarah Robinson has been living just off the A429 in Corston, close to where the road bends sharply and crosses the river.

On the last four occasions, two of which have occurred in the last three weeks, the cars have actually ended up in her garden.


The latest crashed car

The latest crashed car


Ms Robinson is worried both for the safety of the drivers and her daughters Niah, 12, and Bonnie, nine.

Bonnie likes to plays on a rope swing just a matter of inches from the hedge the cars have been crashing into.


The cars are crashing close to where Sarahs daughter likes to play

The cars are crashing close to where Sarah’s daughter likes to play


As it is not possible to move the swing to another tree, Ms Robinson faces the difficult decision of whether or not to allow Bonnie to continue using it.

“The only saving grace so far is they have been at night,” she said.

“It just keeps happening. They end up in the exact same spot. It has to be craned out each time.”


A car is removed from Sarahs garden

A car is removed from Sarah’s garden


“They don’t realise they’ve entered a village and then there’s this 90 degree bend.”

“Over the years they have been getting more serious.


One of the crashed cars

One of the crashed cars


“I genuinely think it’s only a matter of time before somebody dies there. I’m not being melodramatic, the accidents are getting worse and worse.”

While chevron signs were put in place a few years ago, there was opposition to this.


The chevron signs on the bend

The chevron signs on the bend


Ms Robinson wants the entry to the village to be made clearer and a sign that displays the speed of a vehicle to be installed, but she is not confident of any further safety measures being introduced as a result of the cost involved.

“It’s such a pretty bridge, there was a lot of pushback,” she said.

“It obviously hasn’t worked.

“I doubt there’s going to be any appetite to do anything further.”

Wiltshire Council have been approached for comment.

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