Mother of Halliwell victim Becky Godden-Edwards says she’s lost faith in the police

THE mum of a Swindon woman killed by Christopher Halliwell is desperately trying to find the rest of her daughter’s remains.

Karen Edwards claims mistakes in Wiltshire Police’s handling of her daughter’s case left some forensic evidence unaccounted for and believes her killer may have kept or moved the skull, hands and feet.

Halliwell was found guilty in 2016 of murdering Becky, having five years earlier led police to the Gloucestershire field where he had buried her, and had been previously convicted in 2012 of killing Sian O’Callaghan.

He is serving two life sentences for the deaths of Becky in 2003 and Sian in 2011.

The force released Becky’s remains in 2017. Karen then asked funeral director Hillier’s over the phone what size urn she would require to store them, and gave permission for the sealed box to be opened.

Karen said: “What I heard was shocking and at that point I felt sick but I knew I had to check for myself because I have lost all faith in Wiltshire Police.”

Amongst the contents were containers with bone fragments and bench debris, small empty bags and a clear tube which contained nothing but blue paper.

Karen says the remains returned did not match the list of the box’s contents.

This troubling omission, along with a colour-coded diagram of what police found which does not match a photo of what was in the makeshift grave – a lower leg bone is apparently missing – gave Karen cause for concern and she wants to know how these discrepancies happened and where the rest of her daughter is.

Karen had re-buried some of Becky’s remains in 2011 after she had been found in the Eastleach field where Halliwell had buried her in 2003.

Karen had the headstone removed to bury Becky and Charlie in the same plot and would like to restore it once the rest of Becky’s remains have been reunited.

Karen added: “Becky should be in one grave. There’s bits of her all over the place and we don’t know where she is, it’s disgusting and utterly disgraceful behaviour.

“This has been a nightmare, it’s one thing after another. My strength and determination has kept me going along with my fantastic family and support network of friends and the public, but I would hate the thought of someone else having to put up with this shocking treatment.

“I understand there are other things going on and the police are struggling with the resources they have but my daughter needs to be put to rest, I need to finalise this and get closure.

“I have a lot of respect for the police, many of my friends are in the police, but it’s the hierarchy that’s given me grief.

“The police assigned someone to look into this back in 2018 after I complained but they didn’t visit the funeral directors until April this year. I think they went around all the laboratories first before going to check what they were actually looking for, putting the cart before the horse.”

Aside from her concerns about the police, Karen wonders what happened to the head, hands and feet of the 20-year-old which have never been recovered. It is thought that the body was originally intact.

Her concerned mother recalls specialists giving evidence during the killer’s trial and wondering whether the removal of Becky’s head and extremities had been caused by human, animal or mechanical action before coming to the conclusion that the removal was too selective to be from animal behaviour and the body would have been damaged if machinery had been to blame.

Karen added: “This leaves only one option – Halliwell. Has he kept these parts as trophies? We know he went back to the site several times.”

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “We are aware of the concerns raised by Karen Edwards in relation to the remains of her daughter Becky Godden-Edwards. We are working in conjunction with the IOPC to investigate these concerns and make sure Ms Edwards is kept up to date.”

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