MP claims Tricorn House has been sold

STROUD MP Siobhan Baillie has issued a statement saying Tricorn House has been sold. 

In a telephone call with John Wellfair, the former owner of the derelict building, Ms Baillie says she was told it had changed hands last month on September 23.

“Mr Wellfair has told me the building is sold and his involvement ceases once utilities and security arrangements are transferred,” said Ms Baillie.

“I have written to Mr Wellfair asking him to pass my details on to the new owners.

“I know the town is desperate to see Tricorn House demolished or redeveloped.

“The death of a much-loved local teenager at the site has only compounded that desperation. 

“I will not stop doing everything I can to bring about change. 

“The council also needs to be able to liaise with the owners about security and maintenance for the building to prevent further incidents.”

In the letter Ms Baillie said she hoped there will be a positive outcome for Tricorn House. 

“However, given the history of the building and how many times I have been assured it has new developers in recent years only to see no real progress, you will understand why I want to see evidence of the position,” she told Mr Wellfair.

“We need clear action at the site before I rest on the issue.”

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