MP Mark Harper criticised over ‘abusive’ BLM posts

mp mark harper criticised over abusive blm posts - MP Mark Harper criticised over 'abusive' BLM posts
Image caption Khady Gueye and Eleni Eldridge-Tull organised a demonstration at Bathurst Park in Lydney

MP Mark Harper has been criticised for failing to delete abusive posts aimed at two Black Lives Matter organisers, despite requests by their families.

Khady Gueye and Eleni Eldridge-Tull, both 24, organised a protest in Lydney on Saturday.

Ms Gueye, said: “There are threats on his own Facebook page which haven’t been deleted.”

Mr Harper said they “were removed from public view”. They were deleted after five days, as the BBC contacted him.

A spokesman for the Forest of Dean MP said: “We are confident that the police will deal with these matters appropriately.

“The reason why Mark does not publicly call out or highlight any vile comments on his Facebook page is because, in his judgement, drawing attention to them is exactly what the people behind these comments want.”

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The posts include comments such as “see you soon girls” and “White Lives Matter”. A spokeswoman for Gloucestershire police said the force was investigating.

Ms Gueye said: “He [Mr Harper] has at no point condemned the racial attacks we’ve had or the racial slurs that we’ve had.

“Somebody followed us home over the weekend, and somebody posted my details on Facebook in an attempt for people to find out where I am.

“I’ve complained to Mark Harper, my mum has complained to Mark Harper on several occasions and he’s claimed he’s removed posts which he thinks are threatening but he’s left posts which say we will be followed home.

“The police have been incredibly helpful from the beginning of this process and we have been extremely grateful for this.

“They have handled this matter fantastically and it is a shame that people in other positions of authority have not done so.

“For me that is a bigger struggle.”

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