Mum pays tribute to Fairford community on tenth anniversary of her daughter’s passing

A MOTHER has paid tribute to the Fairford community on the tenth anniversary of her daughter’s passing.

Jemma Whitfield’s daughter Bethany Fenton died from cancer on June 8, 2010, aged five.

Ten years on Jemma said she would like to thank the people of Fairford for the support her family received during Bethany’s illness.

Thousands of pounds were raised to send Bethany to DisneyLand Paris and to Lapland to meet Father Christmas before she passed away.

The money which was left over from the fundraising also went to a children’s charity.

Jemma, who now lives in Yeovil with her four other children Louis, Gracie, Millie and Henry, said: “I would like to thank everybody in Fairford and the surrounding areas who contributed the fundraising to create memories for us as a family while Beth was still here and able to enjoy them.”

Around 300 people attended Bethany’s funeral.

“It was amazing really, people turning up who didn’t even known her and hadn’t met her,” said Jemma.

“It was just quite heart warming that she touched so many people, and it does bring a community together and make everybody feel a little bit more thankful for things they have in life.”

Beth sadly died 18 months after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Jemma added: “Everyday I’m sad, everyday I miss her and for the past ten years I have been looking for things to help the pain go, but there is no cure for any parent losing a child.

“I think of her everyday with happy memories but each day I am lost without her.

“The day Beth died most of my heart died with her.

“I try to be the best parent I can be to my remaining children and to create memories with them and keep Beth’s spirit alive through them.”

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