My generation is sick of woke culture and adolescent gurus

I UNDERSTAND that fundamentalist woke is fashionable but would it not be refreshing that if for once you could abandon this bias and print an alternative narrative the point of view from a older generation.

We are the bulk of your readership and you at risk of fulfilling George Orwell’s prophesy quote: ‘History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the party is always right.’

The overriding comfort of being old is to have enjoyed a time where a more balanced view of life existed in an age where, there was no ambiguity between the birds and bees the only Tik Tok was a semi-aquatic reptile in Peter Pan, not a

social poison that parades as electronic conversation in to-days world of enlightened adolescent gurus, bolstered in their beliefs by self- appointed experts of questionable merit all the time contemplating the end of civilisation and their own fragile mental

state in many instances imagined by spurious suppositions.

Why not stay at school and stop parading the streets in protest at the drop of a hat.

Education has been the building blocks of civilization – nothing has changed, only the problems have grown harder.

The real challenge is as a generation are you up to it without throwing the baby out with the bath water?

Francis Ray


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