Mystery carnival mime artist gives cash to vicar

Woolaston mystery manImage copyright John Anderson
Image caption The identity of the mystery man remains unknown

A mystery mime artist who charged carnival-goers £1 to guess his identity has handed the cash to a retired vicar.

The man, wearing a chequered all-in-one disguise, offered a £100 jackpot to people at Woolaston Carnival in Gloucestershire.

Its committee raised concerns it was a scam when the “mystery man melted away” from the event with the money.

However an envelope containing £105 was posted through the former clergyman’s letterbox on Tuesday night.

Image copyright John Anderson
Image caption The man handed out flyers at the carnival on Saturday

Sue Anderson, from the committee, said the costumed performer vanished on Saturday afternoon.

“He didn’t speak. He was just miming all the time,” she said.

Mrs Anderson said her husband later received a “mysterious email” from the man from an generic email address, asking for bank account details so he could pay the money he had raised.

She said they refused to give the account details and offered to meet him. The committee then alerted other carnival organisers to what had happened.

“It’s shocking, stunning and a bit amusing,” she added.

The mime act’s identity remains unknown.

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