Nationwide Building Society celebrates a great golden year for its Stroud branch

nationwide building society celebrates a great golden year for its stroud branch - Nationwide Building Society celebrates a great golden year for its Stroud branch

THE team at Nationwide Building Population Stroud have been celebrating the most important branch’s 50th year on the inside town.

Quotation that means birthday party was held in the Full Street store for worker and customers.

Longest serving team member Tinaja Underwood has been working in the Stroud branch for 39 life.

She talked about: “I started working for Nationally Building Society in 1980 and have seen many is altered over the last 39 years.

“I am sign to work for Nationwide, really to be part of the Stroud subdivision and proud to be taking care of our members here in nice-looking Stroud and couldn’t bring to mind working anywhere else. ”

The genuine Stroud branch opened regarding 1969 at 9 Lansdown. It was then called the Hastings and Thanet Building North american.

As the online business grew it was hoped going without shoes would be possible to swell into the property next door, yet somehow this didn’t work out but a new premises was sought.

By 1972, the branch had moved into 16 King Street. Since 1990 a merger was in fact struck with the Nationwide.

This year the team need started to work with Home Starting place, a local charity that colonne vulnerable families.

Branch manager Clare Roberts said: “Nationwide are obsessed with being apart of the open public and we are really looking forward to supporting and working along side regarding local charity.

“Amy, from the branch, is likely to be helping at the Rodborough fete on the Home Start not function.

“We will also be looking at running some fund-collecting in the Stroud Branch. alone

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