Network Rail boss apologises as bridge in Bristol nears completion

network rail boss apologises as bridge in bristol nears completion - Network Rail boss apologises as bridge in Bristol nears completion

The director of Network Rail has apologised to train commuters for ‘inconveniencing them longer than they should have’ with the installation of a new railway bridge in Bristol.

Tomorrow, train passengers are expected to finally be able to use the rail service that has called disruption to services between Bristol and Wales as the installation of a new bridge nears completion.

The installation in Gypsy patch Lane has been plagued by delays after initially being halted due to the coronavrius pandemic and then a significant engineering issue pushed the installation further back.

Network Rail director Mike Gallop made a statement at the site today, he said:”We have had some significant problems at this site but we are now in the final stages of bringing the railway back to life.

“Its been a huge logistical and technical challenge and our teams and contractor teams have been working day and night to get the railway open.

“Im pleased to confirm we are going to open the railway on Monday.

“On behalf of Network Rail, I would like to say thank you for your patience, to local resident who have been affected by our works and to the travelling public who, I am afraid we have inconvenienced longer than we should, please accept my apologies.”

The new 4,260 tonne railway bridge on Gipsy Patch Lane is now in its final position, completing the heaviest lift of its kind ever undertaken in the UK.

A South Gloucestershire Council spokesman said: “Work to rebuild the railway over Gipsy Patch Lane bridge is going well.

“Gaps around the bridge have been filled with blocks and stone, track stone has been installed, and track laid.

“Trains will return to normal on Monday once work is complete.”

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