New bakery opening in Cirencester

new bakery opening in cirencester - New bakery opening in Cirencester

A NEW bakery and patisserie will open its doors in Cirencester this week.

Knead, in 12 Blackjack Street, is set to open to the public on Tuesday.

The bakery will be specialising in classic patisserie with a modern twist, sourdough pizza, breakfast pastries and freshly made bread as well as much much more.

The idea was started when three Michelin star trained pastry chefs came together to create Michelin quality desserts and baked goods for homes and dinner parties.

Kris Biggs is manager of the bakery. He is joined by director John Hawes, Liam Leonard and Alex Janes.

No bakery in Cirencester currently bakes on site, but that is set to change at Knead. “Everything we produce will be baked on site,” said Kris.

The chefs will be cooking and baking by the window, so you can watch the chefs work as you walk past on the street, or when you’re in the shop. You will be able to see all the theatre and smell the baked bread while in the bakery.”

“We will also be providing baked goods for the Jesse Smith & W. J. Castle family in the Cotswold area.”

They are now taking pre orders for Christmas. For more information, visit

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