New car park plans for Cirencester announced

new car park plans for cirencester announced 1 - New car park plans for Cirencester announced

Could this be the solution to parking woes in Cirencester?

With tests to decide the future of Cirencester’s multi-storey car park to start next week, plans for a car park that would provide 250 spaces for Cirencester Park have been revealed.

The Bathurst Estate is proposing to create the new park close to the Old Kennels complex on Stroud Road.

If approved, the car park would be the first stage in creating an improved and more structured welcome for visitors to the park, as well as alleviating pressure on everyday spaces within the town.

The car park would be dedicated for business use during normal office hours, as well as for public use on weekends.

The estate is also exploring the idea of an attractive visitors’ centre alongside the existing small businesses as part of the Old Kennels complex.

It would comprise a small café and the opportunity for visitors to refresh themselves on entering and leaving the park or the town.

Peter Clegg, chief executive of the Bathurst Estate said: “The car park plans if approved will relieve some pressure on town centre spaces as well as create an overall better visitor experience to the park and we look forward to discussing them further with the council, local community and businesses.”

Starting next week on Monday, March 18, a ground survey is to take place on Waterloo Car Park in the town centre.

The tests will decide if a multi-storey car park can be built on the site in Cirencester.

The work will involve the boring of holes to ensure it can take the foundations and the load of a multi-storey car park.

It is thought that the work will take around two weeks to complete.

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