New milkshake shop in Cirencester offers 160 flavours

A milkshake shop selling 160 different flavours was opened by the town crier in Cirencester on Saturday.

Crier John Lawrence and Councillor Joe Harris were in Bishops Walk for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at milkshake makers My Moo.

The shop offers chocolate bar hot chocolates, vegan soft-serve ice cream and seemingly endless custom milkshake options.

“I thought it would be a bit of fun really, my daughter was looking for a job, she’s 16 years old, and I said to her ‘lets set up a milkshake shop’ and she was happy to do it,” said Bobby, a hypnotherapist by trade, who set up the store with his partner Kat Woodward.

“We don’t want to say no to anybody. If anyone’s got any crazy ideas they want to try out, we’re going to say yes to it.”

The trio are also offering luxury ‘Mooflurries’, with flavours like Ferrero Rocher and After Eight.

“It was wonderful to be able to ring my bell (no crying allowed) for the opening of My Moo,” said John Lawrence.

“The new shop is a great asset to Bishops Walk, the staff are friendly and make a wide range of milk shakes and ice cream.

“I did try the ice cream, you can mix and match all sorts of chocolate bars, sweets etc. – all I can say is I will be going back. Good luck to My Moo, keep on shaking.”

My Moo is open between 10am and 5pm, though this may change depending on footfall.

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