New work by Damien Hirst at Science Studio in Stroud

THE flayed figure of a woman has been spotted at the Damien Hirst Science Studio in Dudbridge.

With tendons and skull exposed to the elements, the mannequin looks likely to be of Hirst’s new works.

Another model was seen among the trees, which appeared to be mid-lobotomy.

The art is a far cry from Hirst’s most recent work raising money for the charity Save the Children, which featured bright paintings of abstract cherry blossoms.

Both mannequins were photographed by Christina Snell from the cycle track.

Hirst was an influential figure in the Young British Artists Movement in the late 1990s, most famous for macabre exhibitions involving sharks and cows.

Earlier this year, the artist produced rainbows filled with butterfly wings in support of the NHS during coronavirus.

Hirst opened the Science Studio and Formaldehyde Building, built by Designscape Architects, in Stroud in 2013.

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