No evidence of a 5G conspiracy

no evidence of a 5g conspiracy - No evidence of a 5G conspiracy
no evidence of a 5g conspiracy 2 - No evidence of a 5G conspiracy

I CAN agree with one aspect of Richard House’s letter regarding the Government’s Covid response.

We do indeed need to beware of government holding onto emergency powers after the emergency has passed, or indeed of police interpreting their powers too broadly.

However the rest of his letter is no more than a content free rant about supposed propaganda and scaremongering by those favourite targets of conspiracy theorists – the government, the BBC and “mainstream media”.

By the latter I presume he means news media that takes the trouble to gather evidence and fact check rather than endlessly retweet the same debunked nonsense.

Does he think it scaremongering to take drastic action when nearly 2m have been infected and 126,000 are dead with the peak still to come?

He says he is daring to challenge the government propaganda but shies away from saying what he actually thinks is false.

Does he perhaps believe that 5g is in some way responsible for the pandemic?

He, like Ms Millar, certainly has form when it comes to false claims about the technology. He expresses alarm at the prospect of compulsory vaccination.

Again that is consistent with his record of false claims about the alleged dangers of vaccination, including support for the discredited Andrew Wakefield.

Indeed for all his claims to knowledge of science and its failures it seems he has a preference for the outliers and charlatans when it comes to matters scientific.

So yes, be wary of a creeping expansion of government powers, but be even more wary of those who abandon reason and evidence.

Jim Watson


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