Oasis owners give timeline for unveiling of new plans for site

That’s according to the leaseholder of the centre, Seven Capital, as the company’s managing director Damien Siviter told BBC Wiltshire it would be looking to submit an application to Swindon Borough Council then.

The company has already told the Local Democracy Reporting service it hopes to have the rebuilt site open by January 1 2026, the 50th anniversary of the opening of the original in 1976.

Mr Siviter told BBC Radio Wiltshire: “It’s a huge site but there is some more we can be doing.

“2026 is achievable, we hope to be submitting an application in September/October this year.”

Seven Capital is known more as a builder of houses and flats than of leisure facilities, and its boss said houses would go up in the area to pay for the redevelopment of the pool.

“It will have to be subsidised in some form by a development nearby,” said Mr Siviter, but he emphasises the oasis would be open before the houses were built.

Swindon Borough Council owns the land, but Seven Capital has a 99-year lease.

Oasis closed when its operators Better said in October 2020 it could no longer make a profit from running it.

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