One year old dog dies from suspected poisoning in Canal

Over the weekend a one-year-old dog died from a suspected poisoning in Stroud.

“Zero was a one-year-old cocker spaniel puppy who unsurprisingly was full of energy and always getting into things/picking things up,” said owner Stu Grant. 

On Friday evening, in the Ebley Mill area of the Canal, Zero went out for a walk, picked up an old mouldy apple and consumed some of it. He was fine when he got home until he was sick.

“He then moped around and we thought he was just feeling sorry for himself until it became clear that there was something else going on as he was bleeding from his rear end,” said Stu.

The owners rushed Zero to the vets where he collapsed and they were told that his body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate had all dropped dangerously low.

“After some scans it was detected that both his kidneys were failing (a sure sign of poisoning in dogs) and that his bladder was undetectable,” said Stu.

“By 2.30am Saturday morning he had fluid on his brain and his body had all but shut down which left the vets with no other option than to put him to sleep.“

Stu then decided to put the story out on social media to warn other pet owners. He was shocked to receive messages from other dog and cat owners whose pets had similar symptoms.

“I was also contacted by other members of the public who told me they had seen many clearly poisoned rats along the canal towpath and in the adjoining fields as well as seeing actual rat poison on the ground.”

“It is clear to me that somebody has been putting poison down to kill rats with no due care or attention for other wildlife or people’s pets.”

“I am only bringing the story as much attention as possible as I would hate for anyone to have to go through what my family has gone through these last few days as Zero was a loved member of our family.”


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