?mages of a Cirencester Boxing Morning hunt from 1968

mages of a cirencester boxing morning hunt from 1968 - ?mages of a Cirencester Boxing Morning hunt from 1968

These shots were taken at  an important Boxing Day hunt in close Cirencester more than 50 years ago.

On November 26, 1968 tens of citizens gatherered with their horses and as well , dogs to prepare for  search wild animals, possibly for fox-terrier or hares

They can be known dressed in riding hats associated with boot or smart fleeces and trilbys, accompanied by their very own children  on their own ponies.  

All of the practice was outlawed in 2004 under the Hunting Act,   but  trail hunting, invest in riders follow a scent up and down a pre-determined route, has not been.

Right now, riders were allowed to trail hunt outside of Tier five areas so long as they honored Covid-19 restrictions.

The most recent YouGov vote found that 80 per cent of the public think monk hunting with dogs should to remain illegal, while merely 9 per cent believe it should be made legal.  

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