Pictured: Stroud man who assaulted ex-girlfriend with laptop

A PICTURE has been released of the Stroud man who assaulted their ex-girlfriend with a laptop. 

The 36-year-old man spent five months in custody awaiting sentence.

Gloucester Crown Court heard on Wednesday that Sean Griffin, formerly of Cow Lane, Inchbrook, Stroud had been in a relationship with his girlfriend for just over nine months when it ended on January 2 this year.

Stroud News and Journal: Sean Griffin Sean Griffin

Prosecutor Ellen McAnaw said Griffin’s former partner stated that he had occasionally been violent towards her during their relationship.

However, she stated, when they went out together to a pub on Sunday, January 2 they were both in a good mood.

“They remained in good spirits until a comment was made to the woman suggesting that Griffin was not good enough for her,” said the prosecutor.

“The atmosphere then changed between them.

“An argument began as soon as they walked through the door.

“The woman went to check on what Griffin was doing and when she opened the door he immediately hit her to the face with his laptop.

“The blow was extremely forceful and left her in great pain.

“The woman’s mother went upstairs and found her daughter covered in blood.

“In a statement the victim describes that her nose is now subject to a long period of dental treatment.

“She also stated this incident has changed her approach to life and is anxious about the future.”

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