Skill of anti-vaxxers in Stroud as Covid lockdown gets started

skill of anti vaxxers in stroud as covid lockdown gets started - Skill of anti-vaxxers in Stroud as Covid lockdown gets started

Anti-vaccine campaigners are demonstrating in  Stroud town centre today, attempting to engage in conversations utilizing pedestrians about the new lockdown and the vaccine.

In the video but below,   they get assured to ‘go home and in addition grow up’ by a pedestrian.

Whilst there is no evidence any any of the ingredients in the Covid-19 vaccines cause harm any time you are used in such small amounts, anti-vaxxers have leafleted the high path since news of the Pfizer jab  broke.

As another vaccine, Oxford/AstraZeneca, is approved and the country types in a third national lockdown, they have perhaps taken to the streets one more time wearing placards.

Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie needs previously called anti-vax  points “dangerous, damaging and bluff. ”

Both vaccines have  recently been approved by the independent  Meds and Healthcare products Regulating Agency after a rigorous compilation of tests and trials.  

Just about 1m vaccine doses really administered across the country and only 2 different people, both with a history of serious allergic reactions, reacted adversely regarding the jab.

Dr Richard House,   from Stroud, who is included in the so-called Vax Information Main on the high street, has looked after vaccine sceptics.  

“People between 66 to 83 yrs . old would not be standing on the high street in the middle of winter with regard to we felt incredibly strong about something and what we are going to feel passionately about will be there is no open democratic college tuition ruling happening, ” he claims.

In video they get given to ‘go home along with grow up’ by a pedestrian.

Read tomorrow’s plus the or visit the website today evening for a feature around anti-vax activities in Stroud.

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