Plans for exciting new outdoor gym supported by residents

plans for exciting new outdoor gym supported by residents 1 - Plans for exciting new outdoor gym supported by residents

Residents have supported plans for new outdoor gym equipment at a popular park in Yate after an online consultation.

Yate Town Council set up a consultation for residents after they released plans they had for an outdoor exercise area in Kingsgate Park.

The Gazette reported last month that new equipment could be introduced in to the area, providing a free outdoor gym space.

Yate Town Council revealed they had plans to place a number of machines in the park, these would help improve cardio and strength of those that use it.

The online consultation was well supported by residents, with the only one person stating they were not in favour of the project.

32 others all ruled in favour of the plans, with some providing feedback to how the gym should work.

Although a number supported the project, there were also some concerns mainly related to maintenance and how the gym would be used by those under the age of 14.

The conclusion on the consultation on the Yate Town Council website said: “The majority of responses minus 1 support the installation of the outdoor gym equipment.

“The equipment should be within a separate area with clear signage explaining how to use appropriately which would also reduce the likelihood of inappropriate use by children under the age of 14.”

Judith Cameron, Secretary of the Friends of Kingsgate Park said: “We are really pleased that our park has been chosen to have gym equipment installed. Yet another addition to our already amazing park.”

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