Plans for more homes on site of former RAF barracks rejected

Plans to build more homes on a former RAF barracks site in the Cotswolds have been turned down, writes Carmelo Garcia.

Sailspire Partnership Ltd wanted permission to build on land at Sandy Lane Court in Upper Rissington.

Their proposals included three semi-detached three-bed homes and one bedroom property.


An artists impression of the planned four homes at Sandy Lane Court, Upper Rissington. Picture: Sailspire Partnership Ltd

An artist’s impression of the planned four homes at Sandy Lane Court, Upper Rissington. Picture: Sailspire Partnership Ltd


But ward councillor Andrew Maclean raised several concerns about the scheme which he referred to Cotswold District Council’s planning committee for debate.

Speaking at today’s (May 11) meeting he said it was an inappropriate development and called for the proposal to be rejected.

“Upper Rissington has a character all of its own that’s been inherited from its former life as an RAF station that was laid out with tree-lined avenues and an abundance of green spaces.

“Sandy Lane Court and the adjacent Southgate Court were already anomalies within Upper Rissington, separated by a busy road and greatly constricted compared with the rest of the village.

“That’s partly because of their history. They were built on the foundations of former prefab post-war RAF barracks.”

He said the terraced homes have small back gardens and a limited amount of communal space.

“There’s 21 homes already in Sandy Lane Court, squeezing four more houses into this very tight site in an already crowded area is very out of character for the rest of village.”


Sandy Lane Court

Sandy Lane Court


He also said the new homes would have a very overbearing effect on the nearby bungalow.

Samuel Brooks, of Tyack Architects Ltd, spoke on behalf of the applicant.

He said the proposed development aims to provide modest affordable homes to help local people stay in the area they are often priced out of.

“The homes would provide good quality accommodation which complies with current recommended space standards both internally and externally.

“These homes have been designed in a traditional appearance in keeping with the immediate context and respecting the privacy of the adjacent properties.

“They also incorporate energy efficient and carbon reduction measures which are in excess of the amended building regulations.”

He said the proposed scheme makes acceptable use of privately owned land within the settlement boundary and would provide good quality attractive affordable housing which will improve the area.

Council officers had recommended approving the proposed development but councillors took a different view and agreed with the concerns raised by Cllr Maclean.

Cllr Clive Webster proposed rejecting the scheme and this was seconded by Cllr Patrick Coleman.

The committee voted to reject the plans because it is not in keeping with the area, it would lead to a loss of amenity land and would harm the nearby properties.

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