Plans to install 100ft telephone mast near Cotswold village

There are plans for a new 98ft telephone mast to be installed near a Cotswold village. 

Mobile network operator EE wants permission to build the telecommunications mast on a 30 acre field almost 0.4 miles north of Salperton. 

The plans are to install the 98ft mast which would have three antennas and two transmission disks along with an equipment cabinet, generator, satellite dish and 5.9 ft high security fencing at ground level. 

Access to the mast would via the existing field gate entrance with a 9.8 ft wide access track. 

EE wants to provide better signal coverage for the area and the proposals have also been brought forward as part of the Home Office’s programme for renewal of the emergency services network. 

This would involve moving the current airwave service, which cannot provide data services, to a 4G service provided by EE. 

A commercial 4G service will also be provided from the mast which would benefit local residents, businesses and visitors to the area. 

The proposed mast would be installed in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty but planning officers say its impact would be minimal and have recommended approving the scheme. 

The woodland copse would help assimilate the mast into the landscape. And while the top of the mast can be seen from a distance it would likely be missed by a casual observer. 

Cotswold District Council officers have recommended approving the scheme which councillors will consider on August 11.

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