Pledge to end knife crime in county after teens killed

GLOUCESTERSHIRE must turn words into action if it wants to eradicate knife crime.

This is the feeling among civic chiefs who last week have pledged to work with police, schools and youth groups to ensure everything is done to deter young people from carrying knives.

Gloucestershire County Council recognised the profound impact the death of Ramarni Crosby has had on the county at their meeting on July 6.

And councillors say they never want to see another of the county’s young children harmed through knife crime.

“We want all of our children and young people to feel safe in their communities and for no one to carry a weapon – either with intent for violence or for perceived protection,” a motion by Cllrs Nick Housden (C, Stonehouse) and Alastair Chambers (C, Coney Hill and Matson) read.

He said: “We must all unite in our effort to rid our county of knife crime. We must work together to prevent the devastating consequences knife crime causes being repeated.”

He said he has seen the devastation of knife crime after the deaths of Ramarni Crosby, Hollie Gazzard and Joshua Hall.

“No doubt, like me, this pains you all greatly the thought of never celebrating a Christmas, a birthday, a new job, a growing family or a holiday with your children ever again. The thought is unbearable,” Cllr Housden added.

The council has committed to develop an action plan alongside partners in the police, schools and youth groups to ensure that Shire Hall is doing all than it can to deter young people from carrying knives.

They say this action plan should focus on what they can “do differently” to ensure they are learning lessons from the past as well as successes from other council areas.

The council says it will listen and work with partners in areas of high knife crime to learn what more they can do to support those communities and prevent young people from carrying knives in the first place

The motion also includes ensuring the action plan is developed in partnership with experienced anti-knife crime charities so the council can learn from others.

And it also calls on council leaders to consider budgetary improvements for 23/24 for youth and family related work.

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