Police detective faces misconduct hearing after drink-driving

police detective faces misconduct hearing after drink driving 1 - Police detective faces misconduct hearing after drink-driving

An Avon and Somerset Police detective who was pulled over suspected of drink-driving faces a misconduct hearing.

Detective constable Emma George was charged after failing to produce a specimen when officers tried to breathalyse her at the side of the road on December 11 last year.

She was convicted at North Somerset Magistrates’ Court on February 7, when she was banned from driving for 17 months, required to attend a drink-drive awareness course and fined £800.

DC George will face a special case hearing at the Avon and Somerset Police HQ in Portishead on March 6.

She is accused of breaching the professional standards for police officers.

The hearing will be held in public.

It will be the fifth police misconduct hearing since the start of the year, following those of PC Amanda Nixon, PC Adam Leighton-Price, and DS Nicholas Eckland.

The joint hearing of two officers, identified only as Sergeant F and Sergeant M, happened behind closed doors and the outcome is yet to be revealed.

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