Police issue advice for women amid recent sexual attacks and incidents

POLICE have reissued advice for women amid recent incidents which may have caused worry and safety concerns. 

This comes after several incidents of rape have been reported in Stroud and across the county. 

There has also been numerous reports of lewd acts along canal paths, both in the town and nearby. 

In a community alert Police and Community Support Officer Candice Francis has shared advice on some tools, apps and other information that may be relevant. 

She also says that this advice is being issued as it is now getting darker earlier.

Below are four 

Safe Space 

Safe Space is a community of businesses that provide a safe and secure place for females to go if they feel they are being followed or under threat in any way.

If you see the safe space logo, you know the business welcomes you in immediately. 

StreetSafe Tool

The StreetSafe Tool is for the public to anonymously report feelings of safety against a number of environmental or behaviour criteria with the reporter taken through a carefully worded reporting form.

The data can support operational policing and policy decisions around crime prevention, problem solving, patrol plans and where conversations are needed around partnership working in the locations given.

The public reporting form is accessible via Police.uk and via Single Online Home police force websites.

Flare’ App 

The ‘flare’ app is a simple-to-use smart phone app – Flare report – to report incidents anonymously.

The app is really easy to use and only takes a few seconds to report a range of offences, including inappropriate touching or comments, sexual harassment, being followed and spiked drinks. 

Hollie Guard

The OPCC also continue to work with the Hollie Gazzard Trust to promote their app ‘Hollie Guard’, which helps to reduce the risks to females travelling alone or meeting people for the first time.  

That app can also act as a very effective personal alarm and can trigger an alert to the police.

Crime prevention advice can also be found at – bit.ly/3ffa5d9


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