Police presence after travellers arrive in at Jubilee Playing Fields

The unauthorised encampment – which arrived on the weekend – have set up camp at the Jubilee Playing Fields in Cam. 

It comes after a dozen caravans plus several vehicles and tents set up camp on the playing fields in July last year. 

The site was damaged by litter and was left with scorched grass. 

Residents are now being urged to report any anti-social behaviour at the fields to Gloucestershire police. 

A spokesperson for Cam Parish Council said they “had the situation in hand” and are doing “everything they can”.

“Cam Parish Council is aware of unauthorised vehicles at the Jubilee Playing Fields and has the situation in hand,” a parish council spokesperson said. 

“Please bear with us and we will do everything we can, as quickly as legally possible.”

“Any escalation or anti-social behaviour should be reported directly to the police quoting reference number 342 12022023.”

Police say they have established a presence in the area to “reassure” residents. 

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire police said: “Police were called to a report of travellers currently using Jubilee Playing Fields in Cam.

“Officers have liaised with the residents, travellers and owners of the land (Cam Parish Council) and have maintained a presence in the area to provide reassurance.”

Last summer Cam Everside FC who train and play at the Jubilee fields decided to move their sessions elsewhere until the group moved on. 

Gazette Series: Photo of the traveller encampment at the playing fields in July last year Photo of the traveller encampment at the playing fields in July last year (Image: Newsquest)

Similarly the opening of two new £100,000 children’s play areas in the field were delayed as builders postponed works. 

The play area – which has one toddler and one junior-aged children’s areas – was eventually opened in October.

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