Police to crack down on street drinkers in Stroud

STROUD’s new neighbourhood police inspector has vowed to increase patrols to tackle the town’s issues with anti-social behaviour.

Inspector Paul Cruise replaced Sarah Blake at the start of July as Stroud and Dursley’s neighbourhood police inspector.

During an interview with the SNJ, Mr Cruise said: “A lot of the reports we’ve had in regards to ASB (anti-social behaviour) takes focus on large groups in parks.

“These people are in large groups and there’s often music, drinking and swearing in public.

“We’re keen to increase patrols in the parks and gardens, so we can engage with these groups and make sure they’re Covid compliant and are respectful of the people living in those areas.”

Mr Cruise said the majority of people in the town have been Covid compliant, which is also the case county-wide.

He also discussed his aims to deal with Stroud’s problems with begging and homelessness.

He said: “I’m aware there is a lot of begging and homelessness, along with street drinking in Stroud town centre.

“I’m really keen we tackle that correctly, there’s an element of enforcement that I know needs to take place from a police perspective, but we’ve got to work with charities such as P3 as well as Stroud District Council and street wardens, so it’s going to be a combined effort to tackle that problem.

“Getting people off the streets, but also giving them that support and assistance to change their lifestyle from where they are at the moment, to veering away from begging as a means of income.”

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