Potholes are a big issue across the district

A wet autumn, cold winter and then some more rain has played havoc with our roads. We can all see the impact when travelling around the Stroud district.

In the Budget last month, the Chancellor recognised the problem and Gloucestershire received an extra £3.9 million to fix them.

This is for the whole county so we need to make sure Stroud area potholes are reported so we stay on their radar..

It is an irritating and potentially dangerous issue. I also know vehicles can be damaged by them, so we need to work together to fix issues wherever we can.

Both HSBC and NatWest will close their branches in Stroud in the coming weeks. NatWest closes on 26th April and HSBC will shut its doors on 16th May. This comes after the closure of Barclays and Halifax last year.

I have done a lot of work on this with local people and as you know, I believe that having the option of face-to-face banking is important because speaking to a human is always better, especially when problems arise.

In each conversation with our various banks, I have asked them to focus on their vulnerable customers, who may not be tech savvy.

Each time too I try to ensure there are face-to-face banking days in Stroud and other places like Dursley where the banks come either by mobile unit or, to the Sub Rooms where Barclays has a successful pop-up.

The internet has changed banking and some branches only have a handful of customers and that’s why they close. Unfortunately, very little can be done about what is a commercial decision.

However, customers who lose their local bank need help to go online and I will continue to press for a wide-range of support from banks so no-one is left behind in Stroud as they shut for good.

If you are concerned about a branch closure or potholes, then please do get in touch.

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