Power cut in Nailsworth shuts supermarkets and affects over a hundred properties

A POWER CUT in Nailsworth has reportedly shut supermarkets and is affecting over a hundred properties. 

One resident said: “I just went to Nailsworth & every shop was closed even Morrison’s & Tesco & Coop. Hope there’s not too much food waste.”

Katherine Bryan-Merrett said: “At Three stories we’ve managed to hotspot some WiFi and have the card machine working. Coffee machine down, but we have some delicious cakes and some great gifts!”

Another resident said: “Lucky we have a log burner, but had to make tea on the hob and hope that the food in the fridge and freezer still work.”

Ella Berry said: “Most independents in nailsworth have remained open! we are operating through cash and sum up machine.”

Western Power Union have said that they hope this issue is resolved by 3.30am on Sunday, November 28. 

The incident occurred this morning, and according to its website, Western Power say that 156 properties are affected. 

We will keep you updated with this incident. 

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