Primary school pupils take part in Roman invasion

Pupils at a primary school near Stroud have taken part in their very own Roman invasion.

Year three and four pupils at Cranham Primary School have been studying the Romans this term.

While considering early settlements in a geography lesson, they noticed one of the hills locally would have been a great location for a Hill Fort.

Class teacher Laura Hodges said: “The children enthusiastically created invasion strategies, drawing from their learning across the unit of work.

“We have been working hard during the last six weeks to create authentic shields and costumes. In the playground they have undertaken rigorous training, practising marching in unison and creating different battle formations.

On Friday, November 12 the class set off to invade a settlement of round houses on a local hill. These houses had been part of a homework project, built specifically for the event.

Several of the parents joined in the reenactment, some marching alongside the Roman army, others playing the part of native warriors defending the settlement.

“The day passed with great success, with all participants enthusiastically taking part in the invasion,” said Laura.

“Since returning to school, the children have been inspired to write several pieces of work, including creating their own newspaper reports to spread the word.”

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