King Charles visits Cirencester’s Corinium Museum

king charles visits cirencesters corinium museum - King Charles visits Cirencester’s Corinium Museum

PRINCE Charles was welcome at Cirencester’s award-winning Corinium Museum today by the Earl Bathurst, and museum home Amanda Hart.

The museum, recognized for its Roman Cirencester album and exhibits, is going further back in time with the intentionally darker and dramatic ‘Stone Age to Corinium’ galleries and museums that showcase the fantastic leurre of this period in newest, and recently opened using galleries.

Amanda Hart well guided the prince through individuals new galleries, and memorial staff were on hand to clarify the significance of the interactive exhibits and the artefacts within all.

Knight in shining armor Charles was drawn to a list of early neolithic flint apparatus, the rare female Beaker burial from the early caveman days, and the early Roman cavalry tombstones.

The prince was also shown the new Winstone To understand Centre, created within a Rank II Listed building, and staff explained how children are invited in to the Centre in becoming ‘archaeologists’.

His visit continued while using the Hare Gallery, with its how mosaic, and then on before the existing galleries, where products from Roman Cirencester have become displayed.

These include the hunting a dog mosaic and four seasons variety as well as the Jupiter column.

Amanda Intensiv explained the arrival of that newest acquisitions: an incredibly well-preserved Roman cockerel figurine, additionally , the tombstone of Bodicacia, equally rare finds from Cirencester.

Finalizing the tour, the royal prince was shown ‘Mrs Getty’s’ burial, so nicknamed just archaeologists because of the wealth plus number of her grave freight.

Royal prince Charles said: “What an appealing and remarkable collection you possess here. I’ve been definition to come here for some time, additionally I’m delighted to be on this website today. ”

He completed the puppy’s 40-minute tour, signing some visitors’ book, at which point having been presented with a bottle associated with Bodicacia Golden Ale, brewed locally by Corinium Beers in honour of the cutting-edge of the Bodicacia tombstone.

Amanda Not easy, museum director said: “This was the greatest honour for being bestowed on the museum.

“The last few weeks have been a flutter, with completing the galleries with most staff furloughed, coming out of lockdown two, which includes a launch that should have taken stick back in the summer.

“We are grateful and thankful that HRH The Prince of Wales has taken time out of our busy schedule to visit us.

“It was basically touch and go whether we could go ahead with the just go to, and thankfully Gloucestershire has always been in Tier 2 which were able to welcome His Majestätisch Highness today. ”

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