Protesters from Stroud join Just Stop Oil demo in Holborn, London

A gardener and a teacher from Stroud joined a Just Stop Oil campaigner in London where some protesters glued themselves to the tarmac.

Protesters stopped traffic at a key junction near Holborn station on Friday morning.

Twenty-two activists walked into the road at the junction between High Holborn and Kingsway. They sat on the road with banners while some glued themselves to the tarmac.

Police confirmed an hour later that 16 protesters had been arrested and that the roads had been reopened.

Adam Beard, a 53-year-old gardener from Stroud, was involved in the action.

He said: “I’m taking action with Just Stop Oil because I’ve had enough of government lies and inaction on the climate crisis, the biggest issue the world is currently facing.

“All over the world we can see the effects of the climate crisis, yet our government continues to back new fossil fuel extraction.

“For the sake of humanity and all life on earth, this has to stop. I hope that my actions in support of Just Stop Oil will inspire other ordinary people like me to step forward and take a stand against this government’s disastrous energy policies.”

Since their campaign began on April 1, Just Stop Oil supporters have been arrested over 1,800 times, with seven supporters currently in prison and 13 in police custody.

Bill Roberts, 66, a music teacher from Stroud, added: “As I was sitting in the road at Holborn on Friday I was holding in mind my grand nephew who was born the previous day, and acting and speaking for his future.

“We cannot go on like this. Expanding oil now is suicide and homicide. I feel privileged and proud to have been part of a team committed to working for positive change.” 


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