PUB SPY: Scrumptious food at cosy pub

pub spy scrumptious food at cosy pub - PUB SPY: Scrumptious food at cosy pub
pub spy scrumptious food at cosy pub 2 - PUB SPY: Scrumptious food at cosy pub

I DECIDED to travel a little further afield exploring Birdlip and seeing what it has to offer with regards to good food.

Travelling down the busy A417, I came across the beautiful Golden Heart Inn sitting just next to the road.

As I walked in I was greeted with unexpected quiet, having presumed that I would be hearing the sound of the road traffic.

Instead, I heard the crackling of the fire in their open hearth and the murmuring of the guests.

The cosy atmosphere makes for a great place to sit, chat with the locals or those just passing through, and to grab some lunch or dinner.

It appears that this is a popular choice for diners, as most of the tables were reserved when I visited on a Friday evening.

With a large, varied menu with includes exotic meats such as ostrich alongside a great selection of vegan options, I found it hard to choose.

I could tell that the friendly member of staff genuinely hoped that I enjoyed my meal and his good humour lightened the atmosphere.

Another table seemed to enjoy tucking into their chosen chicken and exotic meat burgers and the approving noises emanating from their table told me that I was in for a treat.

I opted for the maple and orange glazed rolled pork belly (£12.95), and, my word, I was not disappointed.

It was absolutely delicious – I could have eaten two!

The pork belly was cooked well, it was flavourful with the orange and maple pairing perfectly, with fluffy, chunky chips providing a great accompaniment.

I must say I was very much looking forward to the chips; they looked delicious when they were served to another table.

If however, you prefer your potatoes mashed, then you can opt for this when you order, as well as a choice of vegetables or salad.

At just under £13 the price may appear a little steep, but for those who really want some great food you shouldn’t let the price put you off.

Opting for a scrumptious sticky toffee pudding (£4.95), its sweetness being cut through by the slightly sour (in a great way) fruit, which made it a delight to eat.

I left the pub very full, and very satisfied, I cannot wait to return there.

I urge my fellow foodies to give this place a try as soon as possible, the choices available makes a lovely change from the regular pub food often available.

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