Pubs are reopen – what will a Labour town like Stroud be like?

This will prove just what a hypocrytical, Labour-supporting town, Stroud continues to be.

In every single movement, step or rule , the Tori’s have made regarding covid 19, be it ‘lockdown’ or ‘reopening’, they have been dissected & critised in everyway.

So, the pubs….well let’s see just how many wailing lefties, that are screaming that their ‘child’s education should come first, not pubs’, …..go to the pub, on the very first day of reopening, and stand there, moaning about the Government’s lack of responsibility, (while some have left their children at home, to fend for themselves and look after each other) ….pretending to be nervous and anxious? (then don’t go out to the pub, maybe?).

So when there is a spike, they can all go back into lockdown for another 3 months, with more jobs lost, schools closed and more lives lost (as long it’s not their own relatives) believing it wasn’t anything to do with them…. it was all the ‘bloody Tori’s fault’….because Boris put a gun to their heads and ‘made them do it’! Comes to mind…if you choose to use a hammer and injure yourself… who’s fault was that? The person that made the hammer?

Anyhow, enjoy your ‘independence day’ booze up, whilst your children are home wondering why they can’t go to school and see THEIR friends, but their parents can go out and see theirs. Be aware also that should you decide to have ‘take out’ that, that’s all you are taking home!

Glad to see that mental health awareness has hit home with everyone, (as long as it’s not in ‘my’ back yard!)


Richard Jenkins


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