Relieved Rishi Sunak is the Prime Minister

I AM thrilled and hugely relieved Rishi Sunak will be our next Prime Minister.

Rishi was the only obvious choice in my view. I supported him in the summer and I immediately supported him following the resignation of Liz Truss.

His economic plan commands credibility and has stability at its heart. His trusted reputation will also make a difference with the financial markets, which in turn, impacts this country’s medium to long term prospects.

We need to rein in spending and get the debt levels lower following some challenging years of pandemic and rampant inflation. There is no alternative. Later, when things are under control and we have growth, then tax cuts will come. Rishi has been clear about that and I support his country-first approach.

Yet, first and foremost, the political drama has to stop. Like many of my colleagues, I have had my head in my hands in despair over the last few months. Only last week I understood I was losing the party whip for refusing to vote with the government on fracking. Thankfully, that has not happened and I am proud to continue my work in Stroud, the Valleys and Vale as a Conservative.

There can be no more division in parliament or confusion about our mission. The country needs parliament to get on and govern. I believe Rishi will restore the sense of purpose and unity.

It is a great shame that so much has been overshadowed by the politics of politics recently. Our 2019 manifesto is the guide and the mandate we have and Rishi has been clear that we need to get back to delivering on it. I therefore look forward to building on good work already started and recovering from the pandemic.

These next few weeks will be crucial for the new Prime Minister. He has some huge challenges to grapple with but he is smart, talented and experienced. He will bring honesty and integrity to the office he holds. I will support him in his endeavours.

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