Residents get involved with huge litter pick

residents get involved with huge litter pick 1 - Residents get involved with huge litter pick

A NUMBER of people all turned out to help clear up an area in Yate recently.

The group that was made up of residents, members of Yate Town Council and also the Focus Team all came out to help litter pick in the green area near to Longs Drive, Station Road.

They helped to tidy up the area and neighbouring open spaces.

Cllr Mike Drew, who is a part of Yate Town Council and also the South Gloucestershire Councillor for Yate North Ward, revealed it was good to keep traditions going.

“The litter pick is something we’ve been doing as a group of residents for over 30 years,” he said.

“We often pick different spaces and then asking the public to join us in a clean up.

“It was wonderful to see so many people out there helping.

“Our thanks to the Town Council staff for providing the materials and taking away the massive debris – we couldn’t have managed to move it all off site without them.

“This was our biggest haul of rubbish for a long time. It always amazes me how such big things end up just dumped.”

Apart from large quantities of rubbish found around the original site, so many people turned up to help that the team went on to rescue shopping trollies and litter from from other open spaces near to the site of the clean up on Longs Drive.

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