Residents’ Parking scheme in Stroud

Currently in Belle Vue road we have a mixed system whereby the residents of the Victorian terraces(who have no off street parking) qualify for access to a restricted parking area (for a fee) ,whereas the rest of the 150 households, who do have off-street parking have no right to reserved parking.

This system works quite well & should not be changed.

At the moment many residents drive to work in the morning, which leaves spaces for people who work in town & shoppers. The only unoccupied parking spaces during the day are to be seen in the restricted parking area which is normally only half full. In the evening the reverse is true i.e. the spaces left by the town workers are filled by returning residents.

Where are the town workers to park during the day? The Public car parks are full & the local bus service is at best erratic & at worst invisible!

It is government policy to facilitate the elderly to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. With the new parking proposals where will the unofficial & family carers to park without being prosecuted?

Why has this proposal which is a clone of the widely condemned 2021 been resurrected?

Is it to help Residents park or is it a cynical ploy to extract more cash from it already hard pressed residents.

I have a suggestion. Use the money required to extend the scheme in repairing some of the disgraceful condition of our local roads.

PR Powis


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