Schoolboy pleads with teachers for time off to watch team

Cameron Hoffman and Chris Adams
Image caption Cameron Hoffman watches Forest Green Rovers with his grandmother, Chris Adams

A young football fan was asked to be his team’s mascot after the club saw his letter to teachers pleading for time off to watch them play.

Cameron Hoffman wanted to skip lessons at Dinglewell Primary so he could watch Forest Green Rovers in the play-offs.

The 11-year-old, who goes to games with his grandmother, told the school it was “important” he spent time with her as “she isn’t getting any younger”.

He was allowed to miss school and asked to be Forest Green Rovers’ mascot.

Promotion battle

The schoolboy, from Abbeymead, has been supporting Rovers for the last 18 months with his 66-year-old grandmother, Chris Adams.

In his handwritten letter, he asked his school if he could leave early so he and his grandma could watch his team “battle for promotion” in the first leg of the League Two play-off semi-final.

“If they get promoted it will be history for Gloucestershire,” he wrote.

“I also need to take good care of her (his grandmother) at the football.”

To sweeten the deal he also promised his teachers he would take his revision books and “revise on the bus ready for the SATs”.

His mother, Kay Hoffman, put his letter up online and said within minutes it went “absolutely crazy”.

“I was really, really chuffed with what he wrote,” she said.

Cameron’s letter was also “loved” by “all the boys” at Rovers, and he was asked to walk out with the team on to the pitch as their mascot.

But despite the schoolboy’s prediction of a 2-0 win for his team on Friday evening it finished 1-0 to Tranmere Rovers.

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