Schoolgirl in tears after being put in isolation by teachers

A SCHOOLGIRL has been left in tears after being put in isolation by teachers for refusing to change her hair colour.

Farmor’s School student Tiana King, 13, dyed her hair red during the summer holidays and has refused to change it despite being given a deadline by her school.

Teachers had warned her she would be sent to isolation if she did not change her hair as the school does not allow ‘unnatural’ hair colours. 

Her mother Lisa now claims the school in Fairford is ‘bullying’ her daughter to conform. 

She said: “We have so far stuck to our guns. Tiana was put in an all-day isolation yesterday. 

“She came home feeling absolutely rubbish and was crying. 

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: Tiana and Lisa KingTiana and Lisa King

“She loves her hair and doesn’t want to change it but is starting to feel like she has no option.

“I haven’t sent her to school today as she is unwell.

“I only sent her in on Tuesday as I didn’t want the school thinking she hadn’t gone in because she knew she would be in isolation.

“I think she is being bullied by the school to conform.” 

Tiana, whose hair is naturally light-brown, previously said the new bold colour gave her a much-needed confidence boost.

But she was told on the second day back earlier this month (September 8) that it wasn’t allowed.

The school called Lisa the next day to explain the situation and said Tiana would have to study in isolation unless she removed the dye by Tuesday, September 20. 

“I don’t understand what a hair colour has to do with her education or if it affects anyone or anything else,” said Lisa, from Lechlade.

“It’s not a bright colour like neon pink or green.

“I understand that it is part of the uniform policy but what happened to individuality and feeling comfortable with who you are?

“Tiana’s very upset.

“Our family has been through a lot recently and it knocked her confidence.

“Dying her hair was her getting her life back on track and it helped her feel more confident.

“It’s totally out of order, it doesn’t distract anyone from their learning.

“Neither myself or Tiana want to back down as it’s a stupid rule and we believe that we should be free to make our own choices.

“I’m doing it for every other parent.”

The Standard approached Farmor’s for a statement but the school said it does not comment on individual cases.

However, the school’s website states: “The following are not allowed in school for KS3 or KS4: Unnatural hair colours or ‘extreme’ hair styles (clipped hair should be no shorter than grade 1, hair accessories must be subtle and dark coloured).”

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