Coeds approached by man driving van in Cirencester

coeds approached by man driving van in cirencester - Coeds approached by man driving van in Cirencester

Police remain appealing for information after the reports of men in to vans approaching schoolgirls in the Cirencester.

At around 7. 25am on Wednesday (December 9), a girl was approached near a grey Ford Transit suv on Sheep Street, Cirencester.

The driver, a white youngster, wound down his these window to speak to the girl. As your began to run he needed out the car and broken a brown bottle.

The second event occurred on Thursday (December 10).

A school girl was went up to by a white man in your van on Love Street, Cirencester, who offered your lady a lift, she declined and drove off.

The local schools understand the incident and local reps, including School beat officers will be patrolling the area.

Police happen to be asking anyone to who is sufferer to or witnesses equivalent incidents to report the vehicle to police.

Anyone who saw a fellow or witnessed the happenings should call 101, citing incident 480 of The end of the year 9or 231 of Dec 10.

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