Severe mould leaves mother’s flat ‘uninhabitable and dangerous’

severe mould leaves mothers flat uninhabitable and dangerous 1 - Severe mould leaves mother's flat 'uninhabitable and dangerous'

A Thornbury mother of two has said severe mould has made her flat uninhabitable and dangerous.

Carly Everett, who lives at Streamleaze Court on Rock Street, has been living with the problems for the last 13 years.

Mould covers large parts of the bathroom, as well as the main bedroom and kitchen.

Carly, who has asthma and only one fully-functioning lung is also worried about the health implications of the mould.

“The mould here now is ridiculous. It’s really really bad.

“I don’t know what it is we are breathing in,” she said.

Carly used to redecorate every six months to get rid of the mould, but gave up a year ago.

“I really have tried to keep it as clean and as tidy as I can,” she said. I am at my wits end.”

Other problems with the property include a long crack along one of the walls, and the pipes underneath the bath corroding and leaking into the property below.

Carly and her children have been using their neighbour’s bath instead.

Neighbour Marie Hudd added: “If she was to move out now they would not sign the property off to be re-let.”

“You shouldn’t expect a young family to live in these conditions. I would not put up with it.”

Natalie Robertson, head of locality at Bromford said: “We’ve been carrying out repairs when Mrs Everett has contacted us about various issues over the past few years.

“She contacted us again last week to report some repairs and express concern about mould.

“We have arranged for repairs to be carried out to her home and for a surveyor to attend to visit her in early April to establish what is causing the mould.”

Carly is now on the waiting list for private sector housing.

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