Shock after cat found in tied up rubbish bag in Stonehouse

A CAT had to be freed after it was found dumped in a tied up bag in Stonehouse today. 

The feline was found by resident Sara Jane, who revealed the shocking news on social media.

Posting in the Stonehouse Community Facebook page, she wrote:”I’ve come down behind Park Junior School to find a rubbish bag dumped on a little bit of grass.

“The bag was moving so I went over and opened it to find a terrified cat that clawed me and then bolted.”

The cat then ran towards the trees at the bottom of the school.

Ms Jane added: “It was black with white socks and it had a tip of its tail and a patch around its chin.

“I feel so disgusted and angry right now, I hope the cat gets home safely and hasn’t been dumped by their family.”

Ms Jane said the bag was tied shut, with small holes which were not big enough for the animal to crawl through.

She said that the police have been informed.

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