Shoppers react to Tesco Metro in Cirencester closing

Shoppers in Cirencester have reacted with surprise and disapointmnt to the news that the town’s Tesco Metro store is to close. 

The Farrell Close supermarket will be replaced with by a new Tesco Express on Cricklade Street. 

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Helen Rowland was told the news by her son, who works there as a trolley collector.

“I was quite shocked actually,” she said.

“I will miss it.

“We just do the main shop once a week. We’ll have to go to big Tesco.

“It’s going to be hard for my mum, she’s nearly 90, she often comes here.”

Asked if she would use the new Express store she added: “If the prices are too high I’ll just go in and get the odd bit.

“I’ll maybe pop in but it depends on the prices.”

A Tesco spokesperson said they would work to find alternative roles for staff in nearby stores, but Helen is worried this will not be the case for her son – Sean.

“I don’t think they are going to want a trolley person.

“He can’t use tills as he has a learning difficulty but he’s helpful.”

Karen Humphries also criticised the decision, even though she lives outside the town so will not be affected as much.

“For the elderly people we think it’s disgusting.

“Elderly people won’t be able to do their complete shop.

“How can you park there and carry your shopping over?”

People on social media have also expressed concerns about the impact on elderly people, and that prices may be much higher in the new shop.

“Closing this is so unfair on our senior shoppers, most don’t drive and they shop locally like people used to shop,” said one commenter.

Another said: “Another large store disappearing in Cirencester, with the new store being downgraded to a Tesco Express I bet product pricing will be more expensive as it is the Chesterton Tesco Express.”

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