Singer Becky Hill to unveil namesake road sign in Cotswolds

Singer-songwriter Becky Hill could soon be unveiling a new street sign for her namesake road in the Cotswolds.

Cotswold District Council leader Joe Harris said he would look into the possibility of installing a street sign in Becky Hill in Lower Slaughter after Capital Dance DJ Coco Cole asked him why there wasn’t one there.

She said it would be a massive opportunity for selfies and Becky Hill has agreed to unveil it if the plans go ahead.

Cllr Harris said it is a great opportunity to raise awareness of their green and clean agenda.

“It’s all about improving the public realm, whether that’s a new street sign or dealing with litter,” he said.

“It’s a bit of fun, it’s quirky and it’s all come together at the right time really.

“Coco who is the DJ on Capital Dance was in the Cotswolds on a bit of a break and was driving up or down Becky Hill and noticed it didn’t have a street sign.

“She ended up tweeting me and I said it was something I think we could look at.

“Then Becky Hill tweeted saying she loves the idea and would come to unveil  it.

“We’ve got a new design for our street signs and over the next decade we will be refreshing old signs which have fallen into a state of disrepair and looking at areas which don’t have a street sign and could benefit one.

“Obviously this is one which has been identified and we will consult with local people and that sort of thing.

“Hopefully we can get to a situation where Becky Hill can come and unveil her road sign.”

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