Siobhan Baillie defends Jeremy Clarkson’s A-level tweets

They may be much-lamented in some quarters, but Jeremy Clarkson’s annual A-level tweets have been praised by none other than Stroud’s MP.

Every results day Jeremy Clarkson takes it upon himself to tell students not to worry about their results, because poor grades have not held him back.

This year’s tweet stated: “If the teachers didn’t give you the A level results you were hoping for, don’t worry. I got a C and 2Us and I’ve ended up happy, with loads of friends and a Bentley.

Last year’s effort was: “A level results not great? Don’t worry, I got a C and 2 Us and I’m currently building a large house with far reaching views of the Cotswolds.”

While some mock the tweets, which have become a fixture of results day in recent years, others love them and now MP Siobhan Baillie has declared she too is a fan.

Writing in her column for the SNJ she said: “I didn’t do so well myself in school but I went to work, trained to be a solicitor at night school and practised law before becoming Stroud’s first ever woman MP.

“Hard work often wins and there are plenty of people who have found ways to pick themselves up from disappointments.

“I personally like that every year Cotswolds farmer and Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson sends tongue-in-cheek tweets about A Level results.

“Jeremy’s humour can be controversial but sending the message that working as hard as you can and not giving up is important.”

Read this week’s column in full here.

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