Siobhan Baillie hits out poo left at office

Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie has said that whoever left excrement on the doorstep of her constituency office will be pursued by the police.

Officers were called immediately after a member of Siobhan’s staff picked up the carton of excrement with her name on it containing the excrement on Wednesday.

Inside along with the excrement were the words: “If you don’t clean up your own Sh** why should I?”

“It’s difficult to understand the motivation of anybody who would leave a box of poo for another person to open,” said Siobhan.

“It is disgusting. 

“We are also in the middle of town. 

“What would have happened if a child had picked it up instead? 

“I have no idea what they hope to achieve other than to try and intimidate myself and my staff. 

“It simply will not work.

“The police have been contacted. 

“I thank them for taking this seriously and investigating, including looking at CCTV. 

“My staff should not have to deal with things like this.

“They are caseworkers helping local people with problems.

“Nobody deserves having to find this stuff outside their workplace and MPs have been murdered in recent years so we cannot ignore strange or nasty behaviour.  

“I ask the good people of Stroud for help.

“Please have a good look at the handwriting on the poo box. 

“If anybody recognises it, call the police.

“There are plenty of ways to make a point about politics or governments without resorting to this.”

Siobhan added that this type of activity is self-defeating and will harm democracy.

“Decent people are already thinking twice about standing for public office or working in public facing roles because of the nastiness, hate and abuse that MPs and others receive.

“If we continue down this road, with people resorting to such juvenile and unpleasant tactics, then we may end up with elected officials who refuse to engage with the public or believe it is acceptable political discourse to leave excrement on doorsteps of those they do not agree with.

“I have a zero tolerance to this sort of behaviour.  I know the vast majority of local people will be equally disgusted too.  

“I have challenged political hate in Parliament and locally already – this is nothing new or anything I cannot handle. 

“I will also protect my staff and do everything I can to ensure the person who did this is found.”

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