Siobhan Baillie MP – ‘Offer in on Stroud home and office in pipeline’

, Siobhan Baillie MP – ‘Offer in on Stroud home and office in pipeline’
, Siobhan Baillie MP – ‘Offer in on Stroud home and office in pipeline’

STROUD’s MP Siobhan Baillie has made an offer on a constituency home and is also in final negotiations for an office in the town centre.

In a post on Facebook, Ms Baillie said she is hopeful her Stroud office will be up and running by February.

She also revealed she has secured an office in Westminster.

She wrote: “I do appreciate your patience during these first weeks while I set up.

“It is a great thing that you have come to expect quick responses due to my predecessors efforts as I know their teams worked hard to communicate with residents.

“The key thing is however that they had teams answering emails, supporting them and doing social media, new MPs don’t come ready made with staff as you know, It will not be long though.”

Ms Baillie also revealed she is currently interviewing candidates for her team, and that she will be giving her maiden speech in Westminster next week.

She said she has been holding meetings with residents on Fridays for urgent matters on request, and her regular surgery in and around Stroud will be announced when her office is set up.

Ms Baillie has also written to ministers and submitted questions on behalf on her constituents.

The MP also revealed how she balances her current schedule.

She wrote: “I’m in Westminster from Monday to Thursday and in Stroud, the Valleys & Vale Fridays and Saturdays.

“On Sundays I see the husband for precious family time catch up on paperwork and write articles.

“Every MP has a different approach to get it right for them and their constituency but this seems to be the most typical routine, I’ll assess as I go along too.

“I hope this gives you some insight into all the things that are happening and reassures about progress on top of the busy day job.

“I still feel really blessed to be in this role and I will continue to work every hour available to succeed for you.”

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