Siobhan Baillie visits MOBS in Dursley

siobhan baillie visits mobs in dursley - Siobhan Baillie visits MOBS in Dursley
siobhan baillie visits mobs in dursley 2 - Siobhan Baillie visits MOBS in Dursley

SIOBHAN Baillie has been busy getting to know other mums at a breastfeeding support group.

The Stroud MP visited MOBS in Dursley and was full of praise for the work they do.

She posted an update about her visit on Facebook.

In it she said:

I had a lovely visit with the community group, MOBS in Dursley at St James’s Church. MOBS is Mothers offering Breastfeeding support and they are part of Gloucestershire Breastfeeding Supporter’s Network (GBSN) which has 7 groups.

They invited me before they knew I was pregnant too! My bump has mainly been listening to politics, serious meetings and parliamentary speeches so it was a good to spend time with other families.

It is important to MOBS that I got to see just how many families are coming through their doors and talk about funding as they get not financial support, save for the odd grant. It is entirely volunteer led and often recommended to parents by local health professionals.

They meet every week at 10-12am on Monday mornings at St James’ church in Dursley. They offer mums and their families, antenatally and postnatally, support guidance and friendship throughout their breastfeeding.

Everyone is welcome and mums do not have to be struggling or just focused only on breastfeeding to attend the groups. I could see that many of the families come to get out of the house, chat and eat cake.

If you do have questions about feeding or being a mum generally, other peer supporters are on hand, as is a medical expert, who the group pay to be there for specialist help. It is definitely worth going along and do support them at fundraising events if you get chance.

I love exploring community groups. I tried to make the case in my maiden speech about just how impressive people are here with constant effort to support each other. I do not think anybody .

I know there are many family focused charities and a lots of other community organisations. Do let me know if you would like me to visit. I am fitting in as many as and when I am asked.

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