Six weeks of fruit heaven on the way

six weeks of fruit heaven on the way - Six weeks of fruit heaven on the way
six weeks of fruit heaven on the way 2 - Six weeks of fruit heaven on the way

Farmers’ Market news with Gerb Gerbrands.

Really there’s only one word I need to write for this week’s column.

A simple and ancient word, a word that in itself is of little excitement, yet, when linked by the neurological synapses in the brain to the image from the memory banks and then the memories of the taste and pleasure at the repeated action of popping one in the mouth, carefully working the flesh from the stone with tongue and teeth until it is ready to spit out and then the full chewing of the flesh, brimming with juice, soft with a slight crunch, leaving behind a tongue and lips transformed by a dark reddy-purple stain.

Yes folks, after a major concern last year when this particular farmer decided the pressures of fruit farming had become too much and had decided to completely change what they did, and a subsequent rescue from other growers in their area stepping in, thankfully saved this most wonderful crop and therefore this most avidly awaited period in our local food calendar is saved.

Many customers have already been asking me when they would be returning so I’m delighted to say that Court Farm return this week with, did you guess?


Six weeks of fruit heaven commence from now!

Elsewhere this week we have Down to Earth and Hotch Potch with grow your own plants for gardeners, Julian Harvard is in a rich vein of cut flowers with sweet pea, lily and more and VQ Country Wines have their range of delightful wines.

See all on Saturday.

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