Slimbridge Wetland Centre celebrates 75th with pelican display

SLIMBRIDGE Wetland Centre is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

To mark the occasion Sprout – a pink backed African pelican – gave a special flying display at the opening of the new Living Wetland Theatre.

The event celebrated the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust’s 75th year of contributing to wetland conservation and the completion of the Slimbridge 2020 project.

Seventy five years ago the trust was just an idea in the mind of founder, Sir Peter Scott.

Slimbridge was the first WWT wetland centre to open in 1946 and it covers 1000 acres of exhibits and internationally important wetlands.

Over 250,000 visitors a year visit the centre to connect with nature and it is the heart of WWT’s pioneering conservation breeding work.

In 2016, the trust received £4.5m Lottery funding towards a £6m project to continue this work in memory of Sir Peter Scott.

The trust has now built six new exhibits at Slimbridge, including the living wetland theatre and the waterscapes aviary – the largest exhibit, dedicated to engaging visitors in wetland conservation.

Photos by Paul Nicholls (

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